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Ep. 08 | A chapter on nonprofit bookkeeping interview with Maddie Craig, Blue Cyper Bookkeeping

Elisha Ford
min read

Our Guest: Maddie Craig, Founder of Blue Cypher Bookkeeping

About Blue Cypher Bookkeeping: Based in Fargo, ND, Blue Cypher Bookkeeping has a client roster from across the United States. From Maddie’s experience as a grant manager at a private foundation, she realized the need nonprofits had to organize their data and accounts record keeping and built her company around supporting that need.

(2:13) Customer Snapshot

(3:30) New Nonprofit Advice

Golden BTD Nugget: “Surround yourself with the right people and the right resources that can help you... so you can run your organization the correct way.” - Maddie Craig

(6:28) Tools for Nonprofit account recordkeeping

(8:28) Accounting software security

(11:11) Differentiating NPO tools

(13:54) Fund Accounting

Maddie’s Pro Tip: “Start saving digital files.” Scanned receipts, bank statements, etc. using cloud-based software makes it easier to find documents you need when you need them.

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More About Maddie Craig:


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Elisha Ford
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