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Ep. 09 | Roots Run Deep: Development Director Returns to Alma Mater Interview with Chris Larkin, San Diego State University

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Our Guest: Chris Larkin, Director of Development – San Diego State University

About Chris: Chris is the Director of Development for San Diego State University covering Engineering, Business, and Athletics. Chris’ career has taken him along a journey from the private sector to business owner to major gift fundraising. As an alum of SDSU Chris is honored to finish his career at the place where it all started.

(2:45) University Fundraising Team Structure

(5:33) "I still celebrate each gift whether they give ten dollars or ten million. The act of giving is noble, and it’s acknowledging the act. That’s what it’s all about.” - Chris Larkin

(5:45) Difference in Higher Ed Fundraising

(7:02) “Activity equals revenue. Keep that pipeline moving and things continue to happen.” - Chris Larkin

(11:20) Discernment in allocating funds

(12:00) “[Donor] Relationships have collapsed because expectations weren’t met, because the intent was separated from the reality.” - Chris Larkin

(13:50) Systems, Automation, and Manual Intention

(15:30) Importance of Data in Relationship Management

(16:17) Biggest Challenge(s)

(18:00) Advice for Nonprofit Relationship Strategies

Chris’ Pro Tip: Building trust is so essential. Pick good staff and hang on to them, so those relationships can be built, and can last.

More About Chris Larkin & San Diego State University:

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