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Ep. 05 | The Long Game of Donor Engagement, interview with Eddie Allen, Pacific Northwest Fundraising

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Our Guest: Eddie Allen, Founder/CEO/Lead Guide, Pacific Northwest Fundraising

About Pacific Northwest Fundraising: After going through leadership training, Eddie landed on two main things. 1) he wanted to be involved with social services, and 2) be an advocate. This led to him pursuing a Development Director position with a nonprofit, then into founding PNW Fundraising. They specialize in what they call “Infrastructure Fundraising”.

(6:00) Foundational operation strategy of PNW Fundraising

“No database, no donor development” - Eddie Allen

(7:50) Navigating stigma against “spend money to make money”

(13:37) Organization Evaluation & Giving Plan

(15:44) “Even with what we named our podcast, ‘Beyond the Donation’, so much of fundraising happens after that donation.” - Matt Bitzegaio

“Good relationship building is a key to good fundraising.” - Matt Bitzegaio

(20:10) How PNW Develops Strategy

E-book on Donor Engagement

Golden BTD Nugget: (Regarding donor engagement) “You can still have a cup of coffee via Zoom.” - Eddie Allen

28:00 PNW Fundraising's reach across the nation

Eddie’s Pro Tip: In thinking of potential economic downturn in 2023, plan to communicate with more mid-level donors. Also, have a low-cost entry level donation point in your organization to grow your donor base right now.

More About PNW Fundraising:

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More About Eddie Allen:

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More About Beyond the Donation:

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