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Community Boost Accelerator Sponsorship

Receive a free year of the Accelerator + 25% off your first year of DonorDock.
Welcome to DonorDock! I'm the onboarding and training manager. When you're ready, we'll help every step of the way.
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How does it work?

In the spirit of helping nonprofits grow their impact, DonorDock is sponsoring 1 year of the Community Boost Accelerator Program when you sign up for DonorDock. Here's how it works.

1. Sign up for a DonorDock plan

Receive 25% off of DonorDock at checkout. See options

2. Schedule onboarding/training

We will help you in migrating your data and getting up and running inside of DonorDock completely for free.

3. Receive your Accelerator sponsorship

Receive 1yr access to Community Boost's Accelerator program once you're up and running with DonorDock.
(average time: 5 days)

4. Grow your impact

With Community Boost + DonorDock's Online Giving, Donor Outreach, and Donor Management, you have the tools needed to scale and grow the impact you are making!

Take a look at what DonorDock provides

More information
Share the DonorDock information guide and presentation
An overview of what DonorDock is and how it helps your organization.
"DonorDock provides an easy-to-use product that nicely meets the needs of our small non-profit"
Mark S.
Founder & CTO
"we went from using dozens of spreadsheets that was messy and time-consuming. Using DonorDock has allowed us to be more efficient with our time and connect with our donors more than we ever have."
Loretta E.
Director Of Fund Development
"We couldn't have chosen a better company to trust with our nonprofit business."
Laura V.
Mom in Chief
"The customer service has always been so helpful and prompt. No question or problem asked has ever been unanswered or unsolved."
LesleyAnne B.
Project Coordinator
"I was able to start managing and tracking my donors almost immediately."
Isaac C.
Director of Operations
As a fundraising consultant working with hundreds of small nonprofits, DonorDock is a no-brainer for charities.
Patrick Kirby
DoGoodBetter Consulting
"Hands down the best donor management system out there."
Jen K
Office Manager
"It's so much easier to use than any other donor management system I've tried."
Kelly S.
Executive Director
"I have just moved a second organization to DonorDock because I love it so much."
Corinne D.
Small nonprofit
"It's like adding a fundraising teammate!"
Scott Holdman
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Pro +
Online Giving +
Donor Management CRM & Donor Outreach
+ One-Time Startup Fee
$2,868/year after that
+ One-Time Startup Fee
Unlimited users
50,000 Emails /month
1,000 Text Credits /month
Unlimited contact records
Donor Funded processing fees (always free for you)
Free training + support
Data migration assistance
Full CRM features
Email marketing
Text messaging
(coming soon)
Domain authentication
Power BI connection
Trusted by 900+ nonprofits

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
Do I really get the Accelerator for free?
Yes! In the spirit of helping nonprofits grow their impact, DonorDock is sponsoring 1 year of the Community Boost Accelerator Program when you sign up for DonorDock.
Is there a multi-year contract required?
No! You are buying one year of DonorDock and receiving one year of the Accelerator. After that you are free to cancel if you'd like.
Am I the right fit for DonorDock?
If you are a small nonprofit then DonorDock is the perfect solution for you. We built DonorDock with you in mind, keeping it easy to use yet powerful enough to grow with.
How do I get the sponsorship?
Simply sign up for DonorDock and migrate your data. Once done, you will receive your sponsored subscription to the Accelerator. You can read about the simple steps above.
How long does it take to receive the sponsorship?
Once you have scheduled and attended a free onboarding session with us, you will receive your sponsored subscription to the Accelerator within 2 days.
I still have questions
No problem! simply contact us at info@donordock.com and we will be happy to answer any other questions you may have!

Ready to save AND scale? Let's begin!