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Improve Your Donation Page Results

Donation Page Template

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Improve Your Donation Page Results

Donation Page Template

11 Ways to Improve Your Donation Pages (Proven by Research)

When people visit your donation page, they are still deciding whether to donate or not. On average, only 4% of donation page traffic actually results in a donation.

What can you do to improve your donation page results? 

  • Help your donors understand what their donation will do
  • Make it simple and easy to give
  • Eliminate sources of worry
  • Remind them why they're giving at every step

This cheat sheet includes 11 tips, backed by research to ensure you're getting the best online giving results. This donation page cheat sheet works like a template and reference to help you improve your website's donation page. You can implement these changes on your own using any platform you would like, or you can use DonorDock to help you instantly create a donation page that follows these best practices.

Get the cheat sheet now and start raising more funds.