Session Notes: DonorDock & QuickBooks

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This week on our Tuesday Q&A call, we talked about another Zapier integration: DonorDock & QuickBooks.

As a refresher, Zapier is a middleware integration tool that allows DonorDock to connect to cloud based apps by way of series of triggers, creating new contacts, new gifts, campaigns, funds, appeals or activities in DonorDock from that app or vice versa.

With over 2,000 possible apps to integrate with, Zapier gives our users the ability to connect with whatever makes sense for their organization.

One of the most frequently asked questions is about our integration with QuickBooks Online.

Zapier uses zaps from a trigger (what initiates an action) in one system to create an action (what you want to do) in another system, moving data from point A to Point B. In this case, we are moving data from DonorDock to QuickBooks Online (QBO) in 3 steps.

Steps for DonorDock & QuickBooks Integration:

Step 1: Create a Trigger

When a new gift is created in DonorDock (whether it’s manual, online, or from another Zapier integration) we want to create an action in QBO. After the trigger is created, click Continue and connect Zapier to your DonorDock account. You can do this by creating an API and Secret Key, as long as you have an administrative role. Instructions on how to create an API Key and Secret Key can be found in the Knowledge Base article API Keys.

Pro-tip: Make sure you just put in your organization URL; Zapier already includes the https:// in the beginning and the at the end.

Once you’ve connected Zapier to DonorDock, click Continue.

Step 2: Create a connection with QBO to Find a Customer as action from New Gift trigger in DonorDock

Connect to your QBO account by signing in and allowing Zapier to connect.

Begin mapping the data you want from DonorDock to fill in on the QBO side.

We have filled in the search field, which gives you the option to find a match from name or email. Because we don’t keep a lot of email information in QBO, we have decided to go with the customer name.

If a match is found, we short circuit the next step. If a match is not found, the checked box will tell the system to create a new customer and map all the fields in DonorDock that we have in QBO. Click Test and Continue and Continue.

Step 3: Create a Sales Receipt as action in QBO once a customer match is found

Map your data from DonorDock into the sales receipt we want to create. You can use the step in Step 2 to populate the customer fields by using the customer ID. Map other necessary fields.

  • Create line item , which is the Gift amount
  • Line Description can be an open text description you want to include
  • Product/Service - however you categorize
  • Classes in QB - Fund name to the class name in QB that you want this fund to be allocated to
  • Transaction Date
  • Payment method - If you track in QB
  • Payment Reference Number - Payment ID which is check number of ID from Online gift
  • If you are using funds, DonorDock has a GL Account Property on it so you can Deposit to an Account
  • Click Continue and Turn on Zap

It’s worth noting that DonorDock has created the above discussed templates and submitted them to Zapier for approval. Once it’s published, you will be able to use the templates and manipulate them however you need so you create your custom zaps for DonorDock and QBO.

Other noteworthy discussion topics:

  • Within the next couple of weeks we will be moving towards Microsoft Teams. The date of meeting change is 9/1.
  • Question: How do you delete a marketing list?
    DD: Go to Settings within your Profile > Scroll to and open Marketing Lists > and click on the x to remove the Marketing List and confirm you want to remove it
  • Poll:
  • Nonprofits employ 12.3 million people
  • Nonprofits in America spend $826 billion on salaries, benefits and payroll every year
  • Approximately 72% of Nonprofits are led by women
  • Online giving has grown by over 12% the past year
  • 41% of worldwide donors give to a natural disaster
March 25, 2021

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