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Is your disorganized information stressing you out?

A confusing cloud of donor data, donation data, fundraising tasks and donor outreach tasks for a nonprofit to complete.

Don't let data silos hold your nonprofit back.

Image with three columns. First and second column show the same women with brown hair and a yellow shirt. The first column has a list of donor information beneath it. The second has a list of donations made by that donor. The third column shows a question mark at the top with engagement tasks listed below.

The image shows how siloed donor data slows down donor management and donor outreach.
A female nonprofit leader with brown hair a yellow shirt and a blue backgroundDonorDock nonprofit CRM image. Shows a donor profile with donor engagement stats, contact information, activity tracking, upcoming events, donor outreach suggestions, and more.

Take control of your data with an
all-in-one platform

If you are a nonprofit working off spreadsheets or overly complicated software, then you need DonorDock: An all-in-one donor management platform designed with small nonprofits in mind!
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Everything in One Place

Build Relationships
With email marketing built in and Nudges guiding you along the way.
Manage Donor Info
With unlimited contacts in an all-in-one CRM built with ease-of-use in mind.
Accept Donations
With unlimited customizable donation pages and no platform fees charged to your nonprofit.
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"DonorDock provides an easy-to-use product that nicely meets the needs of our small non-profit"
Mark S.
Founder & CTO
"we went from using dozens of spreadsheets that was messy and time-consuming. Using DonorDock has allowed us to be more efficient with our time and connect with our donors more than we ever have."
Loretta E.
Director Of Fund Development
"We couldn't have chosen a better company to trust with our nonprofit business."
Laura V.
Mom in Chief
"The customer service has always been so helpful and prompt. No question or problem asked has ever been unanswered or unsolved."
LesleyAnne B.
Project Coordinator
"I was able to start managing and tracking my donors almost immediately."
Isaac C.
Director of Operations
As a fundraising consultant working with hundreds of small nonprofits, DonorDock is a no-brainer for charities.
Patrick Kirby
DoGoodBetter Consulting
"Hands down the best donor management system out there."
Jen K
Office Manager
"It's so much easier to use than any other donor management system I've tried."
Kelly S.
Executive Director
"I have just moved a second organization to DonorDock because I love it so much."
Corinne D.
Small nonprofit
"It's like adding a fundraising teammate!"
Scott Holdman

Voted #1 for small nonprofits

DonorDock is a leader in Mid-Market Fundraising on G2
DonorDock is a leader in Mid-Market Donor Management on G2
DonorDock is a leader in Mid-Market Fundraising on G2
DonorDock is a leader in Nonprofit CRM on G2

DonorDock integrates with all your favorite tools

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Say Goodbye to Complicated Donor Management with DonorDock

So many small nonprofits work off spreadsheets or overly complicated software. We know because we've experienced it firsthand! That's why we created DonorDock, an all-in-one donor management platform designed with nonprofits in mind!
We focus on simplicity and efficiency so that you can focus on your mission. DonorDock is a trusted solution for nonprofits looking to run effective fundraising campaigns, increase online giving, and maintain strong relationships with their supporters.

Start building meaningful donor relationships today.

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