Welcome to DonorDock

By Matt Bitzegaio on March 3, 2017

After many years working in the non-profit space, I have seen that many non-profits rely heavily on antiquated donor databases to further their mission, yet they invest very little in trying to create efficiency in how they manage their fundraising pipeline. Our goal at DonorDock is to provide small to mid-size non-profits with a cost effective solution to help them get more out of  their fundraising pipeline and constituents.

By providing a simple and intuitive solution for managing the fundraising pipeline and easily allowing fundraisers to move their donors from stage to stage from a web or mobile experience, DonorDock will help to recruit new donors and provide both the donor and the non-profit a better experience. With deep reporting and dashboard capabilities, your organization will have a better understanding of the impact you are making.

DonorDock’s exciting new interface and user experience is like nothing else on the market today. It is a modern and simple approach to fundraising that will truly change how your team does their jobs.

It is time to change how we think about and work with non-profits. DonorDock is working very hard to change how we think about fundraising, one non-profit at a time.