So, what is DonorDock?

By Matt Bitzegaio on December 16, 2017

As we have been working on the DonorDock product over the past nine months, it occurred to me we haven’t really explained what DonorDock is. I am going to take a stab at that one today.

There are a lot of fundraising tools out in the marketplace, and some of them work pretty well. The thing is, most of them are designed to work well for larger nonprofit organizations. Sure, they offer a licensing model for the smaller organizations, but the functionality is not designed for that size nonprofit. Now you might think “if it is good enough for a larger organization, it will work for me”, and that would be a fair conclusion. The fact is though, it is wrong. Small nonprofits function quite differently than larger organizations, and trying to use a tool designed for a larger organization leaves you with something that flat out doesn’t work the way you need.

For many of you, I know you can relate to this. While you may have someone on your team that enters gift data for you, that is about the extent of your fundraising team. Especially a startup nonprofit – you are likely the Executive Director, the Chief Development Officer, the person who keeps track of transactions, and the Chief Bottle Washer…you have to do it all. I had an ED of a startup nonprofit that is about a year old, and has had some great success thus far, tell me the other day that he manages donors through his email account. Another told me he simply has it all up in his head. Let’s be honest, this is not a bankable strategy to grow your organization’s donor base and revenue, but it is a lot of people’s reality. Where this leaves small nonprofits is needing a tool that is easy to use and helps them know how to best utilize their limited time to be more effective.

So that is what DonorDock “is”. We wanted to build a tool for the ED or Development Officer who has their hair on fire and needs help. The crowd who is using email or Excel to manage their donors. We wanted to build a tool that is easy to use, provides you action-oriented insights about your donors and how to spend your time to be more effective. We want to focus on the small nonprofits that seemingly get ignored by most technology companies, and we want to help you become larger nonprofits.

Don’t get me wrong, we think DonorDock has applicability in a larger organization as well, but that isn’t our core focus. If you are an organization that generates under a million in annual revenue, we want to be your solution.

We are getting close to releasing our product, and we couldn’t be more excited. We have some early adopters ready to start using the tool and provide us feedback and they all fit our target organization.

If any of this resonates with you, check back soon, or better yet, visit our Contact page and submit your information and we will make sure to let you know when our product is live and ready to help you!