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Looking for an Excel template to help manage your donors and gifts? We have you covered, but before you download the spreadsheet, you should know that we have a completely free, cloud-based version of our award-winning donor management and online giving tool!

Our free version includes:

  • Unlimited Contacts and Gifts
  • Unlimited Support & Training*
  • Unlimited Giving Pages for Online Giving
  • Daily Backups (Retained for 7 Days)
  • Access From Anywhere
* - Access to scheduled, group-based training and email-based support

Spreadsheets may not meet your nonprofit's needs, and that is why we created DonorDock Free.

DonorDock is like a database spreadsheet, but it automatically tracks the gifts you receive, and allows you to send personalized thanks and receipts in seconds. Included dashboards and reports help you understand your data and automated nudges help ensure you don't miss important opportunities to engage with your donors.

DonorDock is the best rated donor engagement tool, and we have a completely free version!

Try Both. Get the spreadsheet, and sign up for a free account, and see which one you like best!

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COmpare Spreadsheets and DonorDock

Is a spreadsheet the right choice?

If you want to see history of gifts, follow up with donors, and grow long term relationships, you need more than a spreadsheet.

DonorDock Free
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Free, but with hours of extra work. will raise less funds because it will be harder to build solid donor relationships.
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Helps raise more funds. Spend less time getting started. Saves hours of manual data entry.
List of Donors
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List of Gifts
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Automatic Gift Tracking
Automatically track and respond to online gifts
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Not included
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Automatically track gifts and create new contacts
Donor Profiles
giving history, emails, notes, contact information
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Create and Send Receipts
Easily follow-up in seconds
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Not included
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Send easy receipts and thank yous
Reports and Dashboard
visual, easy reports and charts
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Limited, difficult to set up
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Easy & visual
Custom Donation Pages
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Not included
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Unlimited, beautiful custom giving pages
Accept Credit Card, ACH and Google Pay payments
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Not included
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Automated Suggestions
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Not included
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Insights to help you fundraise better
Segment Donors
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COmpare Spreadsheets and DonorDock

Which option saves more time and raises more funds?

Winner = DonorDock

Organizations use spreadsheets to manage donors because spreadsheets are familiar, and often free. Unfortunately, they are not designed for engaging donors.

Many organizations find that spreadsheets seem like a simple solution, but end up being more complicated. This is because spreadsheets were not designed to be used as a donor database, communication center, or relationship manager.

DonorDock simplifies the process of donor relationship management, and is a great choice for organizations looking to switch from spreadsheets.

DonorDock is a popular choice because it is easy to use, comes with many time-saving features, and is FREE!

DonorDock provides a system that is simple enough for your whole team to use, and powerful enough to help you take your nonprofit to the next level.

COmpare Spreadsheets and DonorDock

Which solution really costs less?

Winner = DonorDock

Spreadsheets have the advantage of being free for most organizations. However, this does not truly capture the true costs of not having a true donor database.

Some organizations may feel that they can't afford a donor management system. The reality is that that they may not be able to go without one.

Without an effective system for following up with Donors, organizations lose potential gifts, and fail to cultivate major donors. Organizations that want to cultivate relationships with donors, (especially donors who can give larger gifts) need donor management systems to keep track of past relationships.

Nonprofits also waste countless staff hours trying to work with inefficient systems. Most nonprofits that switch to DonorDock save hours each week, so the tool easily pays for itself.

DonorDock Free costs nothing, making it perfect, even for organizations on tight budgets.

The #1 Award winning option for donor Relationship management

DonorDock is the top choice when switching from spreadsheets


#1 Highest Rated Option

9.6 / 10

Ease of Use

9.7 - 10

Ease of Setup

9.4 - 10

Quality of Support

9.8 - 10

Ease of Doing Business

9.8 - 10

Product Direction

10 - 10
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Scott Holdman
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"DonorDock has cut hours of my work organizing donor data!"

Toby R
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"We have some administrative staff who don't feel like they are great with technology, but they quickly adapted to DonorDock...DonorDock is the best donor database we have used!"

Jami S
Public Relations Manager
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We help every customer switch to DonorDock, and we have lots of experience helping you make that transition easy from Excel, Google Sheets, or even documents. DonorDock was rated "Easiest Setup" of all nonprofit donor management tools
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