Free Excel Donor Database Template

Get a great Excel template for tracking your donors and their donations. Easily track campaigns, funds and appeals as well. This is the best excel template because it provides you easy filtering and reporting, along with a simple dashboard showing your fundraising success by campaign, fund, appeal, and date.

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How to use the Excel Donor Database Template

Start by entering your campaigns under the Campaigns tab.
Enter any appeals in the Appeals tab.
Enter any funds in the Funds tab.
Enter your donors in the Donors tab.
Enter any donations in the Gifts tab. Choose a donor from the dropdown, and a campaign, fund or appeal where it makes sense to do so.

If you need to use Excel to track your donors and donations, use a template that provides a structure to accurately and easily tie the donations to the correct donors, campaigns, funds and appeals.

Need more than Excel for donor management? Check out our full DonorDock Fundraising CRM and Donor Database. At only $69/month, it is a robust and full featured tool that helps you build and maintain better relationships with your donors. Features like email marketing, online giving and the Action Board ensure you are engaging with your donors the right way, at the right times.

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