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DonorDock gives you profiles for all your contacts.
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Adding contacts and gifts is fast and easy. Online gifts get added automatically to DonorDock.
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You can easily send and track receipts and thank donors well, without leaving DonorDock
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It organizes donors and gives you visual reports
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It collect donations with customizable online giving pages
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it's easy to learn and get started.
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You'll be surprised how affordable it is (really affordable)
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DonorDock CRM Features

Simple and Powerful Features

DonorDock Helps you focus and grow. It simplifies the data you interact with every day, and provides a modern, efficient design that makes your work easier, so you can focus on what is most important. 

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Online Giving & Tracking

Customizable donation pages, and 0% additional processing fees

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Email Marketing

Drag and Drop Email Editor, Tracking, scheduling, sending and templates.

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Thousands of integrations for finance, marketing, signups, events, giving, and more


Events & Volunteers

Track event tickets, volunteers, and sponsors, and integrate with your favorite tracking tools.

Contact Management

Contact, Gifts & Data

Get a view of the big picture with data dashboards, or zoom in on the details with contacts and gifts. 

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Task Management

Collaborate with others, and manage tasks easily with the action board.

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Powerful, simple to use reports to understand and organize your contacts, gifts, and activities

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Best in class, top rated security to keep your data safe and private

DonorDock Support

Support & Setup

Switching to DonorDock is Easy, and our award winning support will help you as you grow.

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