For organizations that require personalized, private training one-to-one virtual training with a DonorDock expert.

Is Private Training the Right Fit for Your Organization?

DonorDock offers private video call training to organizations who want one-to-one video call training from a DonorDock Expert.

Most organizations can get their needs met with our extensive free resources. If our free resources do not meet your needs and a more individualized plan is required, you might consider contacting us about private training.

A private trainer can give advice and guidance on DonorDock, but may not be able to answer questions about external tools that connect to DonorDock. Private training is simply one-to-one time on a video call e with a DonorDock expert who can help you learn to use DonorDock better to accomplish your goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Private Training

Questions About Private Training

Is free training available?

Yes. We always recommend organizations take full advantage of all free training resources before considering a private training package. Free group training is available on the events page, and free articles are available in the Help Center.

Private Training is designed for organizations that need hands on, one-to-one assistance and training with DonorDock.

What topics can be covered in private training

A DonorDock product expert can help you and your team get a better grasp of any of DonorDock's features. We can also help you strategize how to structure your data when moving into DonorDock.

Private training has it's limits. We cannot import your data for you, or set up a Zapier integration for you - we can only give you advice and guidance. This helps protect your organization's security.

Interested in private training?  Contact sales, let's chat.

More questions?

We would love to answer any questions you have as you're evaluating DonorDock. 
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