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A Top-Rated CRM and Fundraising Tool to Help You Save Time & Raise More Funds

DonorDock is designed to help nonprofits like you save time and raise more funds, so you can build an organization you and your community are proud of. 

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You’re using an old, outdated, expensive system, OR spreadsheets and documents
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You’re annoyed or underserved with your current tools
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You're a North American nonprofit
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You want a tool that is easy to use and efficient
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You need something powerful and fast to set up
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You’re wearing a lot of hats and need to make things simple
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You need to improve your processes and donor experience
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You’re too busy to learn something overly complicated
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DonorDock Review

“In small organizations, you typically have to wear multiple hats. DonorDock is perfect for these types of organizations, it’s a digital assistant and development director all in one.”

Nathaniel Douglas
Digital Assistant + Development Director - The Perry Center
DonorDock Review

"It is hard to imagine what we ever did before it. It has so easily become a daily tool used to track donor interaction and improve donor relationships."

Danielle Hill
Youth for Christ
DonorDock Review

"DonorDock allows us to be more productive and responsible with the gifts we are given, so we can keep our focus on the people we serve."

Allison Fulton
St. Joe’s Catholic School
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