DonorDock in 10 – Why One-to-One Engagement is Important to Us

By Matt Bitzegaio on June 20, 2018

While many startups are focused on immediately moving to a one-to-many engagement model to spur growth, at DonorDock we are taking a different approach. We WANT the one-to-one engagement time to learn more about the nonprofits we are hoping to serve – more about what makes them unique, what pain they are having, and how can DonorDock help them specifically. Right now, we are still in learning mode about how to build the best product for small nonprofits, and one-to-one engagement is one of the most effective ways for us to learn more.

I had the pleasure of having a phone call with a prospect yesterday. She didn’t want a demo, didn’t want to see the product, she just wanted to talk. We spent about 15 minutes on the phone – me learning more about her challenges as a growing one-person nonprofit, her learning more about how we built DonorDock with her in mind. We talked about how she struggles to keep up with fundraising activity as she is also the program director and every other role within her organization. She shared how she isn’t able to effectively track her donor data, instead trying to use what time she does have just making a few thank you calls or sending out some thank you notes. That opens up a whole different set of challenges for her in trying to understand what calls and notes to send without better tracking of data…and the cycle goes on.

It was powerful for me to hear her challenges and know that we have an answer for her. I have said it to many prospects over the past few months – DonorDock was designed for small nonprofits. We are focused on small nonprofits. That means we won’t have features of some of the other solutions out there…we don’t apologize about that, we celebrate it. So many other tools are over complicated and difficult to use. The features don’t help you, they are a burden. They are requirements because of an antiquated way of thinking, due to requirements imposed by those very solutions! And the costs are usually high, and just keep getting higher as you grow your organization. I loved being able to tell my new friend that none of those things apply with DonorDock. If she can afford $49/month and do some very basic tracking of data, DonorDock is the fundraising teammate she needs right now. It will TELL her what to do. What calls to make, what notes to send. It knows the things to look out for – first gifts, second gifts, spike-ups, major gifts, reactivated donors, and many others – and makes sure she see those, without having to try and keep track of it all manually.

One of the other exciting things that came out of the conversation was her plans to add a new team member soon. It was exciting to her when she realized that she wouldn’t need to find someone with a deep understanding of fundraising methodology to be successful in her organization. If she can find someone who can simply enter the data into a very easy tool, DonorDock will take care of the rest, ensuring that the things that need attention are brought to the surface.

Yesterday represented a very important step for DonorDock – the validation of the idea that one-to-one engagement with our prospects is extremely important for us. We learn so much, and can help these nonprofits understand whether DonorDock is truly a good fit for them, or not.

It was that validation that drove me to implement something that a friend of mine, Dave Hultin, of Marketing Ideas for Printers (another software entrepreneur), has used in the past – DonorDock in 10. If I can get a prospect to give me ten minutes on a phone call or video conference, we can talk about their needs and the challenges they face, and we can determine if there are valid next steps with DonorDock as a viable solution. This time investment is so valuable for both parties, and is so minimal that it isn’t a burden.

If you are a small nonprofit that is struggling with things like are mentioned above, what do you have to lose? 10 minutes? If you find a solution that helps solve those problems, that 10 minutes may be the most valuable you have spent all year…and if not, you haven’t invested much time to come to that conclusion.

I would love to chance to talk with you, one-on-one. Give me 10 minutes and let’s talk about how we can help you solve your challenges. Grab a DonorDock in 10 time slot by following this link –

I look forward to talking with you!