Session Notes: Integrations

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Zapier is a middleware integration tool that allows DonorDock to connect to cloud based apps by way of series of triggers, creating new contacts, new gifts, campaigns, funds, appeals or activities in DonorDock from that app or vice versa.

DonorDock uses Zapier because it allows us to integrate with 2,000+ apps, giving our users countless options and reducing the guesswork and development for our team to choose the most important apps.

The integration are also real-time, meaning when you integrate with another app creating a trigger to pull that action through DonorDock, it happens instantly.

Here's how to get started with your integration:

  1. Go to to see what apps you can connect to.
  2. If you haven’t already, set up a Zapier account.
    - - There are a few different options for an account, one of which is free. We recommend trying a free version first to so you can get familiar with Zapier. Depending on how complex your zaps get, the number integrations you want to do and runs each month, could warrant a paid account. Note: Zapier has discounts for nonprofits.
  3. Find DonorDock and search other apps that you want to integrate with.
    - - This call specifically was about how we integrate with Harness, which is a best in class as an online giving platform and a Partner of DonorDock's.
  4. Best way to begin is to use the pre-built templates.
    - - New Contact created in Harness.
  5. Click the Try It button, which will set up a zap, integrating a process to create an event in DonorDock when a contact is created (or trigger in Harness).
  6. Sign in to Harness.
  7. Click on setting and integrations to access the API key. Copy and paste that key to access your Harness Account, creating that connection with Harness.
  8. Once the Harness connection is created go to + Add a new account and choose DonorDock.
  9. Go to settings within your profile and choose Integrations.
  10. Click on +Create Key and name the new connection something that makes sense (i.e. Harness).
  11. Copy and paste the API Key and Secret field that were created along with your domain (ex: into the integration.
    - - Once you’ve connected, you don’t have to do it again!
    - - Turn on Zap - Any new donor in Harness will create a new contact in DonorDock.
  12. Repeat the zaps with the other action templates by simply clicking through the prompts, testing and turning on the zap since you’ve set up the integration.
    - - One-time gifts
    - - New Recurring Gifts
    - - Round-up Gifts
    - - Note: DonorDock has already pre-mapped fields from Harness to DonorDock. To add additional fields, all you have to do is point and click in the harness fields to push over more information into DonorDock.
March 25, 2021

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