ISO: Your Questions (& Here's Why)

If you've been getting our end-of-the-week digest*, you're aware we've been hosting a Question & Answer session each Tuesday. Perhaps, however, you have questions about why we're even doing that to begin with.

I'm glad you asked.

Since DonorDock's inception, we've relied on both the feedback from and the interaction of our customers. It's from coffee table conversations where we've heard comments or questions that have sparked our most popular upgrades and program additions.

Your thoughts, questions, and ideas have fueled our accomplishments as developers, but also have shaped the ability of DonorDock to serve clients the way it does today.

We're wise enough to know we don't have it all figured out yet, either. That's where you come in.

Each week we host a live, interactive question and answer session. This is not a class, not a webinar, not a how-to. This is me at my desk, most likely with my favorite coffee cup in hand, available to take your questions about how to do something in DonorDock, how to make the product work better for your organization, and what you can do with what features.

Or perhaps you have ideas or suggestions you'd like to run by me to see if we can work them into the program. I'll be ready with my [digital] notebook to jot those down as well.

There's no agenda, no precept, no sales pitch.

You drive the meeting.

These Q&A sessions are important to us because primarily, we want to make ourselves available to ensure you're getting the help you need, and the service we promise.

In addition, these sessions are important to us because you could hold a key that would unlock the improvement of a product we're proud to stand behind.

If you're in our email audience, you'll get a registration link emailed to you each week. You can always message us to get the registration link as well.

So grab your coffee, pull up a chair, and join us on our next Q&A call. I look forward to hearing how DonorDock can bridge the gap between your organization and the people you're working so hard to reach.

Tips for DonorDock Q&A Session:

·Bring a list of questions: This is not a webinar – we want to interact with you!
·Participation style: We encourage participants to use your VIDEO – this will help encourage more of an “in-person” experience (That said, we understand not everyone is able to use video).
·Internet Connection: CHROME is the recommended browser for zoom
·Device Type: We recommend using your COMPUTER OR LAPTOP vs. phone or tablet
·Zoom App (optional): If you have never used zoom, there is an option to download the ZOOM APP


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