Is the DonorDock Affiliate Program a good fit for you? (UPDATED)

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Guide to DonorDock Referral Program


We've discontinued our formal referral program, but would still love to work with you on referrals. Interested? Contact us.

Is DonorDock's Referral Program a good fit for you?

1. You know people who could benefit from a great, affordable nonprofit software.

We only want you to recommend DonorDock to nonprofits if you truly believe, like we do, that it could help them improve their nonprofit. We've seen the tears of joy as people ditch frustrating old software and move to DonorDock, and we see the impact every day.

but if you're still learning about it, here's a few things you should know: 

  1. DonorDock is a top rated Donor Management Tool. DonorDock receives the highest scores from the leading nonprofit software review site for features, price, and support. It was awarded "Best Return on Investment" and "Easiest to Use" nonprofit software.
  2. Donor is a CRM, online giving tool, and donor communication suit all wrapped together. while it works for nonprofits of all sizes, it is specifically designed for nonprofits that raise less than $3 million dollars a year, and works great even for solo founders who are just getting started, all the way to small development teams.
  3. DonorDock integrates with 1000's of other tools. From Quickbooks, to online auction tools and everything in between, DonorDock is built to automatically pass data to 1000's of other tools via Zapier.
  4. Users love how easy it is to use, and how it was designed in collaboration with world leading fundraising experts to help nonprofits focus on the most important tasks and activities that raise the most funds and build genuine, long term relationships with donors.
  5. More than 80% of DonorDock users say they would be very likely to recommend DonorDock to a friend.

2. You're at least one of these: nonprofit consultant, content creator, nonprofit support organization, software provider, or are connected to nonprofits.

You can share DonorDock individually through a referral link, or you can add your referral link to the content you create, like software recommendation posts, social media posts, or in resources or webinars. Simply share your link, and if anyone clicks on it, and eventually signs up for DonorDock, That referral will automatically be traced back to you, and we'll send you $100.

3. You would enjoy giving nonprofits a discount through you.

When you join our referral program, you'll receive a link you can share with anyone that will give them a $50 discount on DonorDock. For nonprofits, every dollar counts, and your clients, readers, or friends will appreciate you for helping them save some funds!

4. You're interested in a Win Win Win.

Recommending DonorDock is a Win Win Win - You'll get to help a nonprofit save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars by using DonorDock. You'll also get $100 on us, while we get a chance to grow our impact by helping another nonprofit grow theirs! If You'd like to help nonprofits discover a tool that could save them a lot of time and money, this is a great program for you.

Get a demo of DonorDock to see for yourself first.

March 25, 2021

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