Importing Contact Data into DonorDock from Other Systems

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During our last two Tuesday Q&A sessions, we discussed Zapier integrations with Harness and with QuickBooks, so we can see how multiple platforms are able to share data with DonorDock.

That was a great segue for this week's session for taking donor data from multiple systems and consolidating it into DonorDock.

We’ve heard a recurring theme in the past from some organizations that confess there are multiple systems they are storing donor data on, making it incredibly hard to keep donor records up-to-date. Consolidating that data into DonorDock would relieve a lot of stress and create better data to work with.

This week's training was about Importing Batch Data from an Email Marketing System, such as Constant Contact, into DonorDock in order to use a single platform for e-mail marketing and managing donor data.

Here's how to make the magic happen:

  1. Login to your e-mail marketing system and export a .csv or excel file of all the donor data you want to import into DonorDock
  2. If there are any fields that need to be updated from the export, complete that activity before mapping the fields and save the exported spreadsheet
  3. Login to your DonorDock system and navigate to the Imports Page
  4. Download the DonorDock Import Template and Save it as something and to a folder you will remember
  5. From there start mapping your data from the e-mail export to the DonorDock Import template
    a. Pro tip:
    It's important to include columns that the system will match on. Combinations as follows:
    and first line of Address1
    , LastName (or CompanyName) and Email
    b. Any fields left blank in the import template will NOT make any updates to the matched DonorDock contact
    c. Any fields populated in the template will create new data in that field if it doesn't exist or replace data in that field if it is different from the match
    d. If there is data in the import template in which the system cannot find a match (see above pro tip), it will create a new DonorDock contact
            Pro tip
    If you want to include data on Campaigns, Funds and Appeals the system will check for matches; but it must be an EXACT match
  6. When you are done mapping to your import template be sure to save it!
  7. Navigate back to the Imports Page within DonorDock and click on Upload File
  8. While your file status is pending you can continue to navigate and do whatever you need to do in DonorDock
  9. The status will indicate when the import is completed
  10. Once that is done, you will have the opportunity to add badge(s) to this list of contacts you just imported. We have added Constant Contact to this list in order to indicate we have imported them from Constant Contact.
  11. To revisit those contacts and/or pull them to make a separate batch update, you can do so by accessing Reports
  12. We accessed the Active Donor Report > Remove Active Status and Stage Filters > Add the Constant Contact Badge > Run Report
    a. This will populate the group that we just imported to DonorDock
  13. A helpful video and step-by-step instructions for doing a bulk contact record update can be found in the Knowledge Base

Interested in upvoting an idea to look up donor information after an import? Click here to read more.

Here are some additional notes from the call:

We learned online giving has gone up over 12% in the last year. Those stats paired with COVID make it exceptionally important to remember a few best practices for being involved with your donors.

Use this time for 1:1 engagement to learn about your donors on a more personal level.

  • Put a communications process together with your team to heighten your plans for creating multiple, creative ways for virtually communicating with donors, especially centered around saying thank you to your donors.
  • Come up with a plan to increase awareness and viewership into other states and countries virtually.
  • Spend time analyzing your donor data and using marketing lists and badges to help identify your donors more clearly so you can communicate the same.
  • Increase your giving channels and reach out to DonorDock to help.
April 6, 2021

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