For Immediate Release: DonorDock Updates & Improvements

We have enjoyed seeing several of you during our weekly training sessions, which we highly encourage everyone to attend, as NO DonorDock topic is off limits! Consider this your formal invitation to come get some personal training from our CEO, hear issues and successes from other users, see live demos, and witness cool sneak peeks of new functionality we are releasing!

If you attended this week’s session you already know the surprise; but if you haven’t, I’m pleased to announce we’ve made some simple, yet significant updates that will be available in DonorDock this week!

Knowledge Base

We realize the weekly training session may be too far in the future to answer your questions right this second, maybe it doesn’t work with your schedule, or maybe you truly prefer to learn on your own. Whatever your reason for having to miss, we would like to bring your attention to our Knowledge Base.

Once housed in the green support button to the middle right of your platform (which we agree was not very user friendly), it can now be accessed at the bottom of your navigation bar, labelled Help.  

The Help widget is great because it is more visible and intuitive. When you ask for help, you will see it surfaces the most viewed articles in the Knowledge Base you can access in one click, and allows for a quick search of keywords to help you get a hold of the information you need.

This is the place you can find most of the answers to your questions whether you are brand new to DonorDock or a seasoned veteran. I say MOST of the answers, as this is a living repository of detailed directions, FAQ’s, terminology, and tutorials that will be updated continuously or changed as we release future enhancements.

You can also submit support tickets through the Help widget by toggling over to the ticket management system “Need more help?,” whether you are experiencing issues with DonorDock or you need additional information about a specific DonorDock use case not captured in the Knowledge Base. We will review your support ticket through FreshDesk, triage, resolve and close, as we have done in the past.

The nice thing about the present and future is that you can do it directly from the platform, rather than navigating to the support site!

Icons and Navigation

In your user profile at the top right of your platform, you were able to access important pages like templates, information on your subscription and API keys.  This is another place we seized an opportunity to make your user experience even better.

Now when you click on your profile, you will see icons associated with each page to help bring more clarity as to what they should be accessed for (and who doesn’t love a picture?).

We also wanted to take simplicity to the next level by reducing your time searching and clicking. We feel we accomplished this through separating subscription and referrals; but also bringing our third-party feedback service directly to your platform.


With the evolution of DonorDock and the variety of nonprofit needs we serve, we are moving to a 3-tier subscription plan you will see defined as Essentials, Professional, or Premium.

All DonorDock features are available to each tier with no exclusions. We are simply applying a usage limit for each tier based on objective markers of consumption of emails, document storage, database size and number of users an organization needs.    

All organizations that were an original adopter of DonorDock will be set up with the Essentials subscription, which includes consumption of up to 3000 emails per month, 1 GB Document Storage,1 GB Database Size and up to 10 users.

If there is a need for your organization to increase your usage beyond the Essentials subscription, we will work case-by-case with you and your organization.

Feature UpVote

As you are navigating through and using DonorDock like a boss, you may stumble across something you want to give us feedback on. While you can still go to, you will now have the ability to access the Feature UpVote board directly from your profile to provide suggestions while they are fresh in your mind.    


In conclusion, sometimes it really is the little things that make the biggest impact. We hope you find our many resources for helping you become a DonorDock user expert worthwhile! If they could be better, we want to hear about it.