Dock-ument Days with Patrick Kirby

Every Wednesday, I sit down (virtually) with my friend Patrick Kirby from DoGoodBetter Consulting. We just so happen to record the chats we have where he asks me important questions and I provide the best answers I can with regard to how nonprofits can stay on top of their strategy, their donor relations, and how to succeed in the nonprofit world.

We've been doing this for about a month now, giving tips on nonprofit navigation, maximizing fundraising, and have received great feedback (which I appreciate, thank you).

Patrick releases these brief videos on his Facebook page and they're available for anyone to view at any time. It's a great way to power through the middle of the week an maybe find some inspiration or creative encouragement to become (and stay) engaged with donors in more meaningful and result-driven ways.

To get a taste of what we cover, here's what we discussed in the first Dockument Wednesday back on May 20th:

What's in a name?

Dale Carnegie once said a person's name is the sweetest sound they'll hear in any language. This translates to how important it is to know our donors when we're working with them in the nonprofit world.

If we don't have a name, how can we connect personally with donors?

How do you collect names (without being spammy)?

What questions do you ask to not only get your donor's name, but an insight to their personal history and relationship with your organization?

What conversations spark just from getting someone's name?

You can watch the videos each Wednesday on Patrick's Facebook page, and you can view the May 20th video here: