Connection: The Not-So-Secret Trick for Donor Relationship Building

Last week we reviewed the first-ever Dock-ument Wednesday episode with Patrick Kirby and stressed the importance of knowing and using your donor's name (or nickname if that's what they prefer) and how important that is to establish a connection from your organization to your donor.

And speaking of connection, that's exactly what's on deck in this week's post, with another Dock-ument Wednesday recap, this time from the May 27th episode. This episode was titled "One Great Way To Connect".

This doesn't mean there's only one great way to connect, but rather, you have to have - and use - contact information from your donor in order to build a relationship with them.

It may seem elementary but sometimes people are so focused on making a good impression, they forget basic tools they'll need in order to be able to reach out to donors or prospective donors at a later date to continue the conversation.

The three easiest and most common connection data pieces you can collect are:

  1. Phone number
  2. Email address
  3. Mailing address

While it may be rare to capture all of the connection options in one shot, be sure to gather as many as you can and remember the most imperative piece of documenting the information on the donor's record.

Patrick and I delve into more details about connection data and how to use it wisely in this particular episode. Be sure to catch these every Wednesday on Patrick's Do Good Better Consulting Facebook page, where you can find this and every episode.