A Giving Hearts Day Dashboard Again This Year? You Know It!

By Matt Bitzegaio on December 7, 2018

Like last year, DonorDock is pleased to announce a partnership with Impact Foundation and Dakota Medical Foundation to bring back the Giving Hearts Day planning dashboard for Giving Hearts Day 2019! The dashboard allows deep insight into the nonprofit’s Giving Hearts Day performance over the past three years, trends within their data that they may be unaware of, and goal setting based on real data for 2019.

2018 was the biggest Giving Hearts Day ever with over 28,000 donors giving $13.2 million dollars in a single day. We hope that 2019 is even bigger, and we are excited to play a small part in helping these wonderful nonprofits prepare for the big day!

This year we are even more excited to announce that every Giving Hearts Day participating organization will not only have the planning dashboard, but will also get full access to the entire DonorDock CRM and Donor Management product for free until the end of February. This will allow over 400 organizations to use DonorDock at no charge to improve their donor relationships and raise more money for almost three months for free!

Signing up for this dashboard is free and easy and allows the organization to upload their past Giving Hearts Day information through a simple and intuitive interface. Once the data is imported the organization has instant access to important information, including total amount raised, total donors, new donors, and retained donors. In addition, the dashboard provides Good, Better and Best goals, and allows each organization to update those goals to fit their organization. Creating meaningful targets starts with good understanding of past data, and this new dashboard puts that into the hands of the 400+ Giving Hearts Day participants in a way not available previously.

Are you a Giving Hearts Day participating organization? If you used the planning dashboard last year, simply log back in to get access to the dashboard for 2019. If you didn’t have the opportunity to use it last year, head over to https://ghd.donordock.com to sign up for your free dashboard!

Good luck this year in Giving Hearts Day!