A Free Dashboard for Giving Hearts Day Planning? You Betcha!

By Matt Bitzegaio on December 19, 2017

DonorDock is extremely excited to announce a partnership with Impact Foundation and Dakota Medical Foundation to provide a planning dashboard for all Giving Hearts Day 2018 participating organizations! This dashboard allows deep insight into the nonprofit’s Giving Hearts Day performance over the past three years, trends within their data that they may be unaware of, and assistance in setting meaningful goals for Giving Hearts Day 2018.

For the past 10 years, Giving Hearts Day has made a huge impact in North Dakota and the surrounding region. In 2017, over 22,000 donors gave over $10 million dollars to regional charities on a single day. Giving Hearts Day represents an important part of the annual fundraising strategy for many regional nonprofits, and helps to start each fundraising year on a strong note.

Several months ago, DonorDock was approached by Impact Foundation with a simple question – could the DonorDock platform and data model help the Giving Hearts Day participants with business intelligence and understanding of their past data. After reviewing the data exports from the Giving Hearts Day platform, we were confident that our system could provide value. With that we kicked off building the Giving Hearts Day Planning Dashboard that was unveiled this morning at a live session at the DMF/Impact office.

Signing up for this dashboard is free and easy and allows the organization to upload their past Giving Hearts Day information through a simple and intuitive interface. Once the data is imported the organization gets a plethora of important information, including total amount raised, total donors, new donors, and retained donors. In addition, the dashboard provides base targets of a 10% increase over their last year and lets the nonprofit set the target to where they think it should be for 2018. Creating meaningful targets starts with good understanding of past data, and this new dashboard puts that into the hands of the 300+ Giving Hearts Day participants in a way not available previously.

Are you a Giving Hearts Day participating organization? If so, check out our video of how to sign-up and import your data to start using the Giving Hearts Day Planning Dashboard, provided by DonorDock, today.